24 February 2015

Expanding the NB Museum Could Boost Tax Revenue and Improve the Park


An upgrade to the collections centre at the New Brunswick Museum on Douglas Avenue would be a boost to the city of Saint John coffers.

It brings in $115,000 a year now and that figure could double or triple following a renovation.

CEO Jane Fullerton thinks it important for people to know about the history of Riverview Memorial Park and expanding into the park is the option they choose for expanding and updating the collections centre.

She says they want to hear from people about their support for the museum and the economic activity that could be generated by the redevelopment of the collections centre.

The building was built in 1930 and is not meeting the facility's needs for storage and more.

Melanie Colpitts of Aquila Tours says renovating the Collection Centre on Douglas Avenue creates all kinds of tourism potential.

She says the chance to link Harbour Passage, the Museum, Riverview Memorial Park and Fallsview Park opens up a nice opportunity for citizens and tourists.

Fullerton says another goal of the renovation is too include public access adding people feel locked out of the present building.

The New Brunswick Museum has a payroll around $2.1 million with a staff of 75.

The Exhibition Centre in Market Square has 62.000 visitors a year.