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The New Brunswick Museum Board’s Plans for the NBM’s Facilities

Archaeological Testing Project - Final Report – 24 October, 2015 | Media
NBM Assessment of Facilty Needs and Options 2008
NBM Lundholm Report 30 November 2014

Updated: December 15, 2015

To fulfill the mandate of the NB Museum to preserve, research and interpret the natural, human and cultural heritage of the province of New Brunswick, the NB Museum requires resources of various kinds, including appropriate facilities.

Currently, the NBM is operating in two main facilities:

1. The NBM Collections and Research Centre, located at 277 Douglas Avenue, in Saint John, owned by the Province
2. The NBM Exhibition Centre, located at Market Square, in Saint John, leased by the Province from the private sector

Due to space restraints, the NBM also has temporary storage off-site.

NBM Collections and Research Centre

Within the NBM Collections and Research Centre, collections of provincial, national, and international significance are researched and interpreted by NBM staff, university students, and visiting researchers for the preservation and dissemination of New Brunswick history, culture, and natural history.  The Centre hosts researchers from around the world, responds to international queries about its holding, mentors students, creates exhibition for display at the NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square (and at various venues around the province), and supports the production of academic and educational information. The NBM Archives and Research Library is open regularly to the public. Access to collections and the expertise of curators and other staff is available by appointment and through specific NBM programmes and activities.

The building, built in 1929-32, is owned and maintained by the Province of New Brunswick. This building is in poor condition; there are major issues with the building systems, structure, and envelope, impacting the health and safety of the collections, and the people located within it. The building is extremely over-crowded with collections and activities of national and international renown. The NB Museum urgently requires an adequate and appropriate Collections and Research facility to continue to fulfill its role within the province, and to expand its impact. The NB Museum Board and the Province have thoroughly studied this issue. In the past 12 years, there have been more than a dozen reports and plans. In 2014, the NB Museum Board, with the Province, proposed a multi-phased plan that included first the construction of an addition, and, then, secondly, the renovation of the original structure. 

At least seven options for the location of an addition and redevelopment of the original building at the Douglas Avenue site were investigated. In one, the addition was proposed for construction on adjacent, City of Saint John parkland in Riverview Memorial Park.  This option included the opportunity for some redevelopment of the Park, in consultation with the public.  While some members of the public did support this option, there were also concerns raised by those who wished to retain the Park as it is.  Since the land in the Park is owned by the City of Saint John, several levels of approval were required from City Council, including, but not limited to, approval for geotechnical testing to determine the feasibility of the proposal, a Plan SJ Amendment and a By-law Amendment.  Without approval from City Council, this option was not viable. 

Several options were investigated on the parking lot side of the NBM Collections and Research Centre.  The existence of an archaeological site on Marble Cove, behind the NB Museum, has been documented for decades.  The existence of archaeological materials on the slope behind the parking lot of the NBM was identified as a possibility, but had not been confirmed.  The options for the location of the addition on the parking lot side were sited, as much as possible, away from potential archaeological sites; however, it was not possible to obtain the square footage and functionality required without some impact on the slope.  The Archaeological Survey of this area was completed in July, 2015 by NB Archaeological Services, as part of their scheduled season of fieldwork.  This survey identified a significant new archaeological site for New Brunswick; the results are described in the Archaeological Testing Project - Final Report, available through the link above.

Ultimately, given the existence of this significant archaeological site directly behind the Museum parking lot and the limited size of the potential building site, it is not possible to proceed with the development of an addition to the current structure.  The NB Museum Functional Programme requires approximately 115,000 sq. feet, if it is located in a new, purpose-built structure; additional square feet are required if a new structure is added to the original building. For reference, the current structure is approximately 64,000 sq. feet.  There is not enough space on the building site to allow for an addition of a sufficient size that will meet the requirements of the NB Museum, while retaining the current structure.

Given the size of the site on which construction is possible, there is one last option to develop a facility that will meet the functional requirements of the NB Museum at this site. This multi-year Plan entails the removal of the current building and the construction of a new more compact and functional facility. Alternatively, the NB Museum Collections and Research Centre could move to another location.

The NB Museum Board of Directors presented a Public Update to approximately 90 people in Saint John on December 10, 2015. Various media attended this event and reported on the discussion.

As part of this Update, the NB Museum Board asked the public to consider and provide feedback on the following question: 

Given that you agree that the NB Museum should continue its many contributions to the Province of New Brunswick, and that an appropriate and functional Collections and Research Centre is essential to its role, do you want the NB Museum Collections and Research Centre to remain at the current site (which would require the removal of the current structure and construction of a more compact structure) or do you want the NB Museum Collections and Research Centre to move to a new location?

Next Steps:

Please let the NBM know your thoughts on this question, and this issue, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the NBM’s Facebook page.

Plan of site showing area, outlined in green, that is available for construction. Please see Archaeological Report for more information on this Plan.

 Plan of site showing area

Plan of site showing area, outlined in red, that is available for construction, and the footprint, outlined in black, of the potential new building.

Plan of site showing area1

NBM Exhibition Centre

The NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square, Saint John shares the collections and stories of New Brunswick with residents of New Brunswick and visitors to the province. It is one of New Brunswick’s key cultural tourism attractions, as well as a significant venue for curriculum-based and life-long learning experiences. Approximately 65,000 people visit the NBM each year. The NBM partners with the private sector to offer innovative programming to cruise, group tours, meetings and convention groups, festivals and special events, as well as to other targeted audiences.

The NBM Exhibition Centre is in space leased by the Province from the private sector. The Exhibition Centre opened in April, 1996 with a long term lease (20 years). The current exhibition space no longer meets today’s requirement for the NBM and the public. The building envelope and equipment infrastructure is aging. Upgrades are required to protect NBM’s collections, provide engaging exhibitions and programmes, meet modern museum standards and travelling exhibition requirements, and meet public safety standards.

In August 2014, the Province issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a long-term lease for the NB Museum Exhibition Centre, either in a redevelopment of its current location (to address building issues), or a new location in the waterfront area of Uptown Saint John. The RFP closed in January 2015. Three responses were received. The Province has not yet made a decision on the RFP, and a long-term lease. In the meantime, the Province has arranged a short-term lease for the NB Museum Exhibition Centre.

Next Steps:

Watch the NBM website for more updates on plans for the NB Museum Exhibition Centre.

Future Steps:

Over the upcoming months, the NBM will be discussing its plans with New Brunswickers. Please watch the NBM website and the NBM Facebook page for more information.

Thank you for your support!

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