25 May 2017

Debris Collected During Harbour Passage Cleanup To Be Recorded    


The Harbour Passage is getting some love this weekend with a community shoreline cleanup being put on by the New Brunswick Museum.

All of the debris that's collected during Saturday's cleanup will be recorded by the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup as NB Museum interpreter Sophie Leger tells us:

"It's a great way to find out what kind of garbage is in what area of the world. And by determining their origin, you're actually creating solutions to reduce the amount of garbage in each area," says Leger.

"Either you can use an app and track the data that way or we give you a form and track the data on paper. Then it goes to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and it also goes to the International Coastal Cleanup tracking of global shoreline litter."

Volunteers are being sought for the cleanup.

The cleanup is happening on Saturday from 10am until lunchtime and volunteers will meet on the Harbour Passage at the new Fort Latour murals.