20 June 2016

Sculptor Marie Allain exhibit featured at New Brunswick Museum

Works of art created using tree trunks, roots, stone and metal

CBC News

Marie Allain incorporated her work of 45 years into her latest installation: Imagerie de l'héritière.

The installation is almost an autobiography of the award-winning artist and sculptor from Sainte-Marie-de-Kent and her background.

"She is one of the best-known sculpturists in the province," said Peter Larocque, curator of New Brunswick culture, history and art at the New Brunswick Museum.

"She exhibits widely, she has exhibited internationally. Her works have represented the province in a very broad scale."

This is the first time Allain has presented a work with three sections. Previously, she only exhibited single works.

In this work she uses her usual medium stone as well as wood and metal. Each piece from that work says a little bit about her.

The most interesting of the pieces are the two tabletop works.

The quilt represents her mother and the puzzle, her father.

Allain even incorporated her mother's rosary and her grandfather's and great-grandfather's rosary in that piece.

"Both pieces are considered and presented as though they are incomplete so to show we are always developing," said Larocque.

The third piece is seven tree trunks with stone books that represent Allain and her ways of thinking.

"Put them all together, story of ancestry and heritage and inheritance," said Larocque.

"It's autobiographical in sense that there are fragments of previous work."

Allain's work will be displayed at the New Brunswick Museum until October.