All ages will enjoy an engaging stop in the New Brunswick Museum Discovery Gallery. Here you can explore more of New Brunswick through mini displays, touch objects, educational craft production, great wall visuals, and much more. The Discovery Gallery offers a great experience for the whole family. Try your hand at sailor knot tying, read a book about science or history, or put together a 3-dimensional puzzle. Families often participate in the many game opportunities in the Gallery from marbles to checkers, hopscotch and more. Dance a jive around a 1950s juke box, slide down a mini chute on a model ship, and wee ones can rock in a historic reproduction rocking horse. Museum Interpreter staff are often on hand to offer storytelling about the rich cultural history, art, and science of New Brunswick and offer a chance for youth or adults to create a memory to take home. You could be crafting a whale sound maker or learning the fine paper filigree art of historic paper quilling. There is something for everyone who ventures into the New Brunswick Museum Discovery Gallery. Come Explore, Discover, and Enjoy!